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5 Ways To Hack Your Motivation

1. Surround yourself with motivated people

We become an average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Meaning if you hang out with ambitious and motivated people, you will become that as well. Switching the people you hang out is the quickest way to hack your motivation levels.

2. Watch/listen to motivational content

Motivation is as important as bathing. Its vital to your well being and needs to be replenished daily. So, go on Youtube or Spotify and search up ‘Motivation’ to get going!

3. Do something you are good at

Partaking in an activity which you are really good at is great for developing self-confidence. Adequate self-confidence is imperative to developing self-motivation. You have got to believe in yourself to act on any kind of motivation

4. Take a trip

Go explore a destination that you have never been to. Try new food and discover a new culture in a place far away from home! This will break your current cycle or thought pattern. Doing so may be just the right motivation that you need!

5. Write down and visualize your goals

Putting your goals down on paper is the first step to realizing them. Doing so makes your goals official. Write down your goals along with realistic time frames that you will accomplish them in. All of this will be incredibly motivating for you!

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