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7 Areas Of Life Controlled By Self Esteem

1. Our Company

When spirits are high and we see ourselves in a positive light, we tend to attract similar people. How we see ourselves often determines who we surround ourselves with. Therefore it is important to value ourselves so that we can be surrounded by people of high value.

2. Our Diet

Once we get to a place of true self love, we only want to give our body the best fuel. Food is a fuel so we will feel obligated to eat as clean as possible. Improving our self esteem will likely help us get the right macro nutrients into your body. This is all a result of immense self love.

3. Our Activity

Loving ourselves not only leads us to eat mindful but it also encourages us to move more. Individuals with high self esteem seek activities that bring them joy. Often times these activities are rooted in some sort of exercise. Working out releases endorphins that reinforce the feelings of self love.

4. Our Goals

What we aim for in life is a result of how we see ourselves. If we see our self as capable of accomplishing a goal, we are more likely to pursue it. On the other hand if we see a goal as too good for us or beyond our capability, it has everything to do with our lack of self worth.

5. Our Relationships

Our self esteem not only determines who we attract into our inner circle, but it also decides how we treat them. When we are in love with ourselves and have a positive self image we treat those around us with kindness and compassion. When we have insecurities we project them on our loved ones and end up treating them poorly.

6. Our Self

By now it should be a no brainer that how we see ourselves effects how we treat ourselves. A person with high self esteem will go out of their way to partake in self care. Self care looks different for different people. We suggest you figure out what self care looks like for you, and get started immediately

7. Our Environment

We believe people that care for themselves care for their surroundings. Self-love can cause people to treat their environments with immense amounts of respect. It can lead people to clean up their living spaces and show much more respect for their surroundings. People experiencing self-love understand that their environment is an extension of themselves and therefore treat it as such.

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