7 Areas Of Life Controlled By Self Esteem

1. Our Company

When spirits are high and we see ourselves in a positive light, we tend to attract similar people. How we see ourselves often determines who we surround ourselves with. Therefore it is important to value ourselves so that we can be surrounded by people of high value.

2. Our Diet

Once we get to a place of true self love, we only want to give our body the best fuel. Food is a fuel so we will feel obligated to eat as clean as possible. Improving our self esteem will likely help us get the right macro nutrients into your body. This is all a result of immense self love.

3. Our Activity

Loving ourselves not only leads us to eat mindful but it also encourages us to move more. Individuals with high self esteem seek activities that bring them joy. Often times these activities are rooted in some sort of exercise. Working out releases endorphins that reinforce the feel