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Losing With Lisa: My Weight-loss Story

I have suffered from obesity most of my adult life. The struggle is resultant of heredity genetic composition coupled with years of bad habits, poor decisions, emotional anguish, and countless other contributing factors. Like many people who suffer from this debilitating illness, I’ve fallen on and off the wagon with risky attempts and knee-jerk reactions to manage my weight. I’ve been no stranger to extreme diet measures, commercialized gimmicky products, and costly mainstream weight loss programs. Occasionally, I had some very short term successes only to be succeeded by record high weight gains in excess of my original starting points.

In December 2018, I had an unexplainable and urgent desire to try once again. I was at my highest weight ever which was embarrassing and extremely disheartening. I am a proud and successful business woman who has never been able to account for why I have been unable to instill controlled disciplines regarding my health and wellness. Despite personal success in so many other areas such as my education and career; I just couldn’t control the instincts and innate inclinations that governed my behaviors and my relationship with food.

I desperately needed help saving myself from ME. My logical self and the learned responses I knew to be appropriate were opposite of what my harmful inner voice was saying. Up to that point, my self-doubting inner self was winning the most important battle of my life even though I was fully aware of the underlying reasons for its occurrence. I was frightened and humiliated starting over yet again as the risk of failure and the emotional aftermath would be more than I could bear. Somewhere along the way, it got easier to stop trying than to face disappointment. Nonetheless, I followed my intuition and trusted its ability to recognize something inherently without analytical reasoning.

It’s been 99 days since I walked through the doors of the Mindful Living Institute and 42.6 lbs. later I look and feel better than I have in years. Dr. Kaur and my Health Coach Vikram have changed my life in ways I never imagined by teaching me how to manage my weight safely and effectively. My health has significantly improved in many areas the most notable being cured of cough variant asthma and severe sleep apnea. I have not had to use a rescue inhaler in months and my sleep is finally quiet and snore free.

I must also mention the smaller clothes are merely a huge bonus! The dress I am wearing today is two sizes smaller and looks pretty amazing if I do say so myself LOL! I am just over halfway to my ultimate weight loss goal of 81 lbs. and highly motivated to continue on helping as many people as I can along the way by sharing my story along with all of its trials and tribulations. Click on this link to learn more about my journey in real time.

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I’m very proud of you. Wish I lived closer we could do this together!

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