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Now You Know: Family, Food & Exercise

Family and food are two words that are tied closely together. I mean think about it, most people learn their eating habits from their family. The family is the mechanism that determines an individual’s relationship to food.

Meaning if a family teaches the kids healthy eating habits from a young age then chances are that those habits persist. So rather than letting your kids or younger siblings indulge in sugar filled snacks because they are young and “have time” teach them how to make mindful choices. The thought process that you teach your children about food now will follow them into grocery stores and restaurants around the world for the rest of their lives.

The same thing goes for exercise. If you teach kids to get into the habit of exercise from a young age, you will be doing them the biggest favor in the world. Not only will you lead them to live happier lives, they will also live longer ones. But wait how do you teach them to exercise? You lead by example! Kids follow what they see. Show them the way!

Exercising will not only change your life, but it will also change your loved one’s lives. Especially if you are consistent with your exercise routine. It will inspire your loves ones to discover their own exercise routine. Apart from leading by example another thing you can do for your kids is enroll them in different sports.

Let them find a sport they are good at and fall in love. This will require both time and money from you as a guardian. The kid is not going to drive his or herself to their sporting events or pay for them. So you will have to put in effort. But it will be worth it because the kid will have an exercise and game they love for the rest of their life.

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