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Now You Know: Feeling Good Is More Important Than Looking Good

At the Mindful Living Institute we believe getting you to a disease free state where you feel energetic and full of life is much more important than looking a certain way. In an Instagram obsessed generation we often equate looking a certain way to good health. As a society this is a huge mistake.

Metabolic syndrome is a disease which is easily disguised. Often times we assume just because a person doesn’t look over-weight that they are healthy. But just as often we hear about people who looked and seemed super healthy that died from a random heart attack. My point is that high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol can all hide inside the body years before they manifest into a diagnosable disease. So rather than focusing on weight reduction we focus on getting body fat percentage levels to a healthy number.

Men should have less than 20% body fat and women should have less than 25% body fat. Such numbers will dramatically reduce Having our patients think in these terms as opposed to thinking about their weight by it self ensures their weight loss is a result of burning fat and not of losing muscle. The second important metric our patients track every week is lean mass. This is all the mass in the body other than fat. It is imperative to track and retain lean mass when losing weight. This ensures muscle loss is a minimum when losing weight.

When people focus on retaining lean mass and losing body fat they naturally shed weight. However more importantly people feel much more energetic and alive when burning fat and preserving muscle. Feeling more energized often leads to a happier and more fulfilled life. We aren’t saying burning fat is going to solve all your problems, but we are saying that it will lead you to have more energy during the day.

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