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Now You Know: The Intersection of Coding and Weight-loss

As someone who has studied my share of coding, my favorite part about software development is that there is always more than one way to build something. Just because something works well one way, does not mean that it can not be done in a different way. This creates a culture of coders who think out side of the box. It inevitably leads to the problem solving needed to cause innovation.

Weight-loss is a lot like coding because there are many ways to do it. Some ways are better than others, but multiple options do exist. If someone wants to lose weight through exercising than they should do just that. However, if it works for them, they should understand that it may not work for next person. As humans we become egocentric and think everybody likes what we like. This is not always true. And sometimes it about more than preference.

For some people effected by obesity, exercising would actually make their health conditions worse. Some are too heavy to start exercising and can injure their joints by doing so. Others end up over training and injure themselves. My point is, just because going to the gym and jogging worked for you, does not mean it will work for your friends.

Some people need bariatric surgery, others need behavioral therapy. Both are treatments that must be done by health professionals. We need to change the conversation we have about this topic. Rather than preaching our practices as irrefutable truths, lets promote self-awareness. I mean after all some people do better with pre packaged meal replacements, while others prefer cooking fresh meals in the kitchen.

The point is, STOP GIVING ADVICE. Rather promote self awareness and help people figure out a plan that best works for them. We all have different genetics, habits, and activity levels. Meaning it is not fair to prescribe a one size fits all meal plan to everyone. However if you are totally lost and don't know what to do first, The Mindful Living Protocol is a great place to start. Take our meal plan and work with a health professional to adjust it and personalize it to your needs.

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