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Vikram Mangat: Mindful Living Journey

Weight management is a lifelong journey. Most of my life I have been an athlete. I never really thought much of my weight. Even during the initial years of building the Mindful Living Institute I hardly ever saw my weight as an issue. It wasn’t until 2018 that my weight peaked at about 230 pounds. This happened due to a combination of zero exercise and over consumption of Uber Eats.

At 230 lbs I was not happy with myself when I took off my shirt. I found myself constantly out of breath and I could feel my health deteriorating. I decided to start the Mindful Living Journey. Initially my journey was similar to most patients. I exercised less and spent more time focusing on the kitchen. Journaling my food was very difficult for me as well.

As I exited the weight-loss phase I fell in love with sports again. I boxed, ran, or lifted weights daily. Sometimes I would even exercise twice per a day. During my intense boxing workouts the lowest I got my weight to was 178 lbs. I maintained my weight at 178 lbs for nearly a year. However new psychiatric medications were given to me 45 days ago and now I am about 190 pounds. My body feels healthy and my mind has clarity so I am very grateful to share my journey with you.

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