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10 Victories Your Scale Never Noticed

The scale is a powerful tool used to measure weight loss progress. However it does not have the power to share the entire picture. It tends to miss a lot of milestones. In fact the most meaningful "victories" happen off the scale. Take a look at these 10 non-scale victories you may face during your Mindful Living journey.


1. Dropping a clothing size and feeling more comfortable in your clothes

2. Less dimpled skin

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3. Less joint swelling

4. Feeling less out of breath when climbing a set of stairs

5. Notching your belt to a smaller size

6. Glimpsing your collarbone for the first time

7. Noticing the veins in your forearms and biceps

8. Running your first mile, 5k, or 10k

9. Receiving compliments from family, friends, and coworkers

10. Going out in public without attracting unwanted attention, just confidence

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