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3 Must Do Actions After: Your Weight Matters 2019

1. Find a community

Community enables you to get the support and love you need to find a healthier you. It may take time to find a community but that’s okay. The time will pass regardless. Community can be found online or in person through support groups and healthy activities you love. If you are having trouble finding a community, we challenge you to open your heart and build one. Host a BBQ, go to Church, play sports, put your self in a position to meet people and build relationships. After all fulfilling relationships are the most important factor in being happy. Isn’t that what life is all about?

2. Promote self-awareness

Happiness is not possible without self-awareness. And neither is true health. In order to find a weight-loss protocol that works for you, you will need to know yourself. Do you work better using technology or pen and paper? Do you like group weight loss concepts like Tops or would you prefer one on one counseling? Would you rather have meal replacements or cook yourself? Or do a hybrid program of both?

3. Talk about obesity with children

Until this conference we had no desire to treat children with obesity. We thought it was incredibly risky and did not want to get involved. Although this may seem like a bias thought process, the main reason was because we did not have a pediatrician on our team. After having lunch with 2 pediatricians this weekend we realized that is a selfish concept. For that reason, we will be extending our content, protocols, technology, and treatment plans to children in the coming future. One of the pediatrician’s we met wants to pilot our virtual coaching program. As much as we want to take her up on this offer immediately, we must further educate ourselves first. Once Dr. Kaur completes her education on the subject we will launch. The conference also taught us how important it was to communicate the health effects the disease of obesity has on the body when speaking to children. It also said not to be number centric or say stigmatizing words such as “weight-loss”, “fat”, or “obese”. Rather the expert said to use the word “weight management” and to be health centric. He also said make sure the child knows that it is not his or her fault, and to tell the parents the same. Alleviating guilt is the first step to self-love and good health.

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