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3 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

Starting a weight loss journey can be new and exciting for a lot of people. Many see their new journey as an open door for a great amount of improvement in their lives. New changes are often easy to stay motivated for, as you haven’t yet spent too much time tackling the issue at hand. It’s when you’ve been working towards your goal for a while where motivation may begin to dwindle. Sometimes this is simply due to the fact that you’ve been dieting/exercising for a while with little results. There are also cases where different factors have affected your motivation as well. These include physical, environmental, or emotional barriers. Being able to identify and address any possible barriers that may appear in your weight loss journey is vital as it can be a huge determining factor in your success. Getting educated early is key, so we have listed below what exactly all these factors entail and what you can do to overcome them.


1. Physical Barriers

Physical barriers arise from factors such as fatigue, discomfort, hormonal changes, medication use, or other underlying medical issues. When any of these problems may appear, the first step is speaking to your physician. See if they are able to help treat any of the conditions that are occurring. If you have a health coach, definitely speak to them as well. They will help you adjust your weight loss plan for the roadblocks that have popped up.

2. Environmental Barriers

These barriers occur when your surroundings may not be optimal for your weight loss journey. Examples of environmental barriers are limited access to healthy food or exercise, lack of time, or lack of support from peers/family. You can address these problems by first talking to those in your life. You can discuss necessary changes, or even ask for aid in your journey. Seeing a professional for your relationships when needed isn’t a bad idea either. To tackle issues with time, try to weave exercising/healthy living into your day to day chores and activities.

3. Emotional Barriers

Emotional barriers can sometimes be the most difficult to overcome, as they often require a change in mindset. People may have issues with skepticism, anxiety, depression, or even just a lack of motivation. If you are struggling with any type of mental illness, it’s important to reach out to a medical professional. They are able to safely treat problems and/or provide healthy coping mechanisms. Talking to a health coach can help you run through any issues you’re having with motivation/skepticism. Having an outside opinion can allow you to see the bigger picture and make adjustments to your plan.


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