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3 Ways to Better Journal Your Food

Journaling food should be just as much of a process as it is a habit. By that I mean people should be mindful and aware of their journaling even though they do it habitually every day. This can be tough, especially for people on the Mindful Living protocol. Many complain that they eat the same thing every day. For that reason, people feel there is ‘no need to journal.’

People can only believe this when they are viewing journaling more as a habit than a process. If someone is not mindful or even half-conscious while journaling, it no longer remains the process it was meant to be. So now you may ask, what was the process of journaling meant to be? We ask you to journal in order to promote self-awareness about your eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercising habits. By making you write down your actions, we hope that you stop and think twice about them. We want the process of journaling to be a tool which slows you down to consider if your actions align with your goals.


No matter what stage in your health journey you may be, it’s important you journal. It’s important you do it everyday with a mindful attitude. Here are 3 ways you can be more mindful the next time you journal.

1. Write down 3 things you’re grateful for

Developing a habit of gratitude works wonders for your mental health. Being grateful is the precursor to happiness. If you practice gratitude you will be happier and more likely to stick to your food journaling.

2. Write down your emotions for the day

Slowing down and writing down how you feel can better help you understand your minds relationship towards food and life in general. Expressing your emotions on paper is a great way to further self-awareness.

3. Be a carb detective

Review your macros constantly. Make sure your carb intake is low enough so that your body stays in ketosis. Be on the look out for hidden carbs! Also be sure to preserve your lean mass by eating your protein!

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