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4 Reasons Why The SCAN Smart Glucometer is Right For You

Monitoring your blood sugar is a vital aspect of health for individuals with a history of diabetes or prediabetes. For these individuals, the only way they can know what their blood sugar levels are is to measure them using this device or a similar product. Research has been conducted and it has found that many programs that have been successful in managing diabetes have utilized frequent blood sugar monitoring. There are multiple features within the SCAN Smart Glucometer that makes this a great asset to any diabetes management program.

1. Small Blood Sample Required

This glucometer only needs 0.7uL of blood to attain an accurate estimate of the glucose levels in your blood. This is performed with a tiny pinprick that comes with the device and is very easy to use. Not only does this make the process less painful but it also allows you to heal much faster and effectively.

2. 5-Second Test Results

The results from the device can be established in seconds and immediately updated to an app on your phone. This is one of the most innovative features of this device as it makes tracking data on your phone seamless and integrative. Additionally, this information can be seen by your health provider and used to accurately assess your condition and treat you in a more personalized manner.

3. Reminder Alarms

Another very helpful feature that this device has is the ability to remind you when you need to check your blood sugar again. With this device, you won’t have to set those nagging reminders on your phone or computer as you can just carry the device with you and it will let you know. This is a convenient and simple way to ensure you are checking your blood sugar consistently.

4. Auto Strip-Ejection

Lastly, another great feature is that once you’ve used a test strip it can easily be ejected from the device hands-free. With the click of a button, you can release the test strip into an appropriate container without any issues.

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