4 Reasons You're Not Going to the Gym

Going to the gym is one of my most favorite activities and past times. I grew up as an athlete, so working out was a part of my daily lifestyle. As I got older, I stopped competing in organized sports and have not been in the same physical shape or discipline since. So now as a “normie” or non-athlete I have learned one harsh truth. Working out at the gym is easy because its fun and makes me feel good. Getting there is a whole different story.

“80% of success is showing up.”

So what makes showing up so tough? Why does it take so much mental toughness to get to the gym? I feel so good after I leave. So why aren’t I there every day? The answers to these questions are different for different people. Here are a few common answers:

1. Looks like work.

Working out takes energy which can only be produced through exerting effort. Doing something which takes so much effort can be intimidating. For that reason, many of us don’t show up to the gym. If we don’t go, we don’t have to do the work.

2. Already got the steps in.