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4 Tips for Building New Habits

Many of us aspire to be the best versions of ourselves, and that obviously takes a bunch of steps along the way. Often times, we have to look into forming a new healthy habit. This can initially sound daunting, as it is difficult making sure that we stay on top of a new habit. But there are a few strategies that we can consider in order to make sure we come out successful.


1. Build one at a time

It’s easy to get carried away thinking about all the changes we want to make. It’s important to slow down and identify a few goals we really want to focus on. A smaller amount of goals allows us to put in the best amount of effort. It’s easy to get sidetracked when we have too many new habits to manage.

2. Be accountable

Accountability is key. People tend to work a lot harder when they know they’re held accountable. We can hold ourselves accountable in many different ways. Journaling works well as putting things in writing solidifies them. Another great tool is a timesheet of how often we complete our habits. Creating checkpoints of success is super beneficial.

3. Think about the future

Getting stuck in a certain mindset is an issue many face when trying to develop a new habit. It’s easy to fall to impulses and cravings, but remembering why we’re trying to develop our habit can prevent this. Keep the goal in mind, no matter what it may be.

4. Stay patient

As mentioned earlier, it’s easy to get stuck when habits aren’t holding up as well as we wanted them to. All good things take time, so it’s vital to stay patient. Think about what may be going wrong, and what can be done to move forward instead of dwelling on how long the process is taking.


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