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4 Ways Puppies Improve Our Health

Dogs are man’s best friend. Many would argue that humans get along better with puppies than with each other. And for the purpose of this article dogs and puppies are synonymous. Anybody that has ever raised a puppy will always think of their furry friend as a pup. No matter what their age may be. But the thing many don’t know is that raising puppies has health benefits. Here are 4 ways your health can improve through getting a puppy:

1. Increases our discipline

Raising a puppy is a great responsibility. Feeding them and taking them out for walks requires one to develop a sense of discipline. This discipline is often the first step for many in selfcare and health. If someone spends time loving and taking care of a puppy, they are more likely to do the same for themselves.

2. Gets us moving

In order to raise a healthy dog you must take them out for a walk at least twice a day. The pup not only uses the bathroom during these times, but also gets some exercise. It’s awesome because these steps contribute to the 10,000 step per day goal many people have.

3. Attracts positive attention

Anybody that has ever walked around with a cute puppy in a busy area knows how much positive attention it attracts. Everyone loves dogs and will want to speak to you as you walk your furry friend. This positive social attention is great for one’s mental health. This is important because good mental health is often the pre cursor to good physical health.

4. Teaches self-love

Dogs are the epitome of unconditional love. Meaning they loves us often during times when we cannot even love ourselves. The love of a dog is so empowering that often it inspires humans to start expressing self-love. The dogs unconditional love generates a positive energy which enables self-love.

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