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4 Ways to Stay Fit During COVID-19

Staying fit is a super difficult task. Especially during a global pandemic where all gyms are closed. We do not want the closure of gyms to get in the way of your health and fitness goals. Especially since we don’t know if they will be safely opening any time soon. Rather than waiting patiently, start exercising at home. Here are 4 exercise activities you can start doing everyday during quarantine:


1. Go walking

Do your best to take 10,000 steps per day. This should be getting easier since the weather is getting warmer. It’s important you track how many steps you take/ how long you walk for so that can keep an eye on your progress. Start with small goals and build upon them slowly but steadily. Doing so will be great for your stamina.

2. Do a home workout

There are tons of free home workout routines on YouTube. Find one that suites your needs and just start moving. Be innovative and creative. Don’t let a lack of exercise equipment get in the way of staying fit.

3. Have a dance party

Dancing is something fun the entire family can participate in. Pick a time that works well for everyone and have a dance party in the most spacious part of your house. Be sure to include everyone in the music playlist creation process. Doing so will not only raise everyone’s heart rate, but also their spirits.

4. Do some yoga

Yoga is another great exercise activity with various styles and teachers. Choose a class on YouTube and do your best to follow along. It may be super difficult at first, but it will definitely get easier the more often you do it.

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