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5 Areas of Life Our Friends Influence

We have all heard that we become an average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. The way the people around us think frames our mindset. For this reason alone, we must be extremely selective of who we surround our self with. The people we hang out with effect the following aspects of our life:


1. Physical health

If we hang out with healthy people who are mindful about what they eat, chances are we will be as well. Other people’s healthy habits can easily become our own. This is a double-edged sword though. If our peers have poor health habits, they can influence us to follow. Keep this in mind when choosing your friend group.

2. Mental health

Negative people have the habit of bringing down the people around them. They tend to put people down in hopes of spreading misery. After all misery loves company. It’s important we hang out with healthy positive people in order to live a healthy and positive life. Associate with cheerful people and you will start to see life in an optimistic perspective. This simple change can alter your life forever.

3. Finances

People often underestimate how much their social circle influences their pockets. The sooner we surround ourself with people who have what we want, the sooner we will get what we want. It’s important to be in proximity of people who have already accomplished our desired goals. Don’t hang out with small minded people who see you as your current or past situation. Rather spend time with people who see you for your unlimited potential.

4. Spirituality

It is important to take care of our spiritual self. Pay attention to feelings. If your gut tells you to stay away from someone, listen! The human spirit has its own compass and tends to naturally guide itself to where it’s supposed to be. If the people around you are suppressing your spiritual growth, find new friends! Spiritual health is just as important as everything else and cannot be ignored.

5. Standards

The most important aspect of life which our friends influence is our standards. We as human beings naturally tend to compare our self to others. Making the people around us be our standards. If all your friends are college educated, chances are you will want to be the same. If all your friends are rich, having money is likely going to become a standard for you. Another example is physical shape. If all your friends lift weights and eat healthy, they have set a certain standard for you to emulate.

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