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5 Benefits of Meal Replacements

At The Mindful Living Institute, we make sure to offer affordable and effective meal replacements for our clients. Meal replacements function as a substitute for a traditional food meal. They usually have controlled quantities of calories and nutrients. Oftentimes when you’re first starting a new weight loss plan, the benefits of meal replacements may not be apparent. We’ve listed some of the benefits for you here:


1. Have easily trackable nutrients

Making traditional meals on your own oftentimes means that you don’t know exactly what nutrients are there. This also applies when eating out, as most restaurants don’t offer a detailed food label with each of their items. With taking meal replacements, you’ll know exactly what vitamins, minerals, and calories are going into your body. This can bring a lot of ease when trying to track your daily intakes

2. Quick and Easy

Meal replacements are usually extremely easy to prepare. Half the time, they just require a little bit of water and patience. This can be much more preferable than spending more time in making a meal from scratch. Having meal replacements handy also help you avoid making runs to buy food

3. Helps the weight-loss process

Since it is easier to track nutrients and calories when using meal replacements, this also can allow for the weight loss process to go a lot smoother. It is important to note however that meal replacements are often more effective for short term weight loss. However, if a proper weight loss protocol that incorporates many avenues other than meal replacements (which is healthiest) is taken, this issue can be avoided. Make sure to speak to your coach/doctor about meal replacements.

4. Helps avoid unhealthy options

When you have already purchased meal replacements, you’ve essentially already invested in your meals. This often makes it easier for people to pick the meal replacement over an unhealthier option. When we’re hungry, we tend to grab whatever is most readily available to us. So having a healthier option readily available will only make it easier for us to make the right choice.

5. Healthy portions

One area where many struggle with weight loss in controlling their food portion sizes. This can be due to a difficulty in knowing how much to fill your plate, or just from having some impulse eating issues. Regardless of this, meal replacements can help ease this stress. Meal replacements are already packaged in a proper serving size, saving you from the hassle of portioning yourself.


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