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5 Important Non Scale Victories

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

When on a weight loss journey, we tend to look at the changes on our scales as the measure of our success. While physically losing weight may play a part in reaching a healthy lifestyle, it shouldn’t be the only success we consider. Non-scale victories are successes other than seeing the number on the scale go down. Non-scale victories encompass the achievements that better the quality of life as a result of healthy habits. Here are a few examples of some non-scale victories:


1. Better Mood

Good health has been shown to be highly correlated with a better everyday mood.

Working out and eating clean releases “feel-good hormones”, also known as endorphins. These endorphins improve mindset. A quality mindset can lead to you enjoying many things in life. One example is taking part in hobbies and spending quality time with family and friends. Many say those things are more gratifying when healthy.

2. Coming off of pills

One major issue many have with metabolic syndrome can be the dependency patients have on medication. As your health improves, it is possible to come off medications. This may seem like a small change, but finally being independent from a pill can feel amazing. Leaving your medicine behind can be indicative of a great step forward.

3. Increased energy

A good diet and workout schedule can help your body balance its hormones. This results in a lot more energy. Increased energy can make a huge difference in your day to day life. Increased energy opens up the opportunity for you to be able to tackle tasks you may have not been able to do before.

4. Sleeping better

Sometimes sleeping irregularly is something we may just accept as a normal part of life. However, many realize after losing weight that their sleep schedule changes for the better. While exercising your body temperature increases, which has been shown to correlate with falling asleep faster. Healthy sleep is crucial and has been linked with a better immune system, decreased anxiety and a better quality of life.

5. Changes in Lifestyle

Individuals on a weight loss journey, not only see changes in themselves but others. The change in lifestyle tends to promote healthier eating habits for children, family and friends. With this journey, people tend to pick up cooking skills, meal prepping ideas and get to know the local organic markets. This journey will not only impact your health, but those around you as well.


There are countless non-scale victories that we can list. But these victories vary from person to person. What someone may consider a small change, someone else may see it as a huge improvement. It’s important to acknowledge your own non-scale victories. We must also recognize that they show signs of success. Non-scale successes are just as important if not more than the number on your scale.

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