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5 Important Things to Know About Failure

Facing failure is something that many struggle with. We sometimes can even see it as the end of the world, as we’re often taught to avoid failure as best as possible. What many don’t realize, however, is that failure can be a great way to learn about ourselves. Learning from our failures is an integral part of growing. Disregarding any defeats in our life can lead to us never changing our mindset for the better. Here are some ways that we can learn from our mistakes, no matter how big or small.


1. First, understand that it is OK to fail

It is nearly impossible to go through life without failure. Starting new things means taking risks. You never can truly account for how things will turn out. The better prepared you are for possible failure, the better you will be able to handle it in the event that it occurs. We’re not suggesting to only expect failure, but to rather acknowledge that it exists.

2. Realize the experience you gained

Even if something did not go as planned, you still managed to gain experience from it. One of the best ways to get better at something is to practice it. Realizing that you already were able to take a shot at something can help you better plan for your next run. Rethink what your failure entailed, and what adjustments you will need to make for next time.

3. You redefine your priorities

We often get involved in things without realizing that our priorities weren’t set properly. Going through failure can help us evaluate what we prioritized properly and what we didn’t. After any failure, make it a habit to think about what went wrong, and whether that was due to a priority issue. Adjust what you labeled as most important for your next run.

4. You better understand your emotions

It’s easy to forget about handling your emotions when everything has been going perfectly in life. It’s in times of hardship where we realize that negative emotions can be hard to cope with. Going through failure allows us to think through new ways of understanding our emotions. Learning these tactics early ensures that we will continue to deal with failures in a healthy manner when they arise again.

5. You become more passionate

Having things come easy often leads to us not realize the value of the experience and reward. After going through failure, you become more grateful for the experience you’ve worked hard for. The end reward also may feel a lot more satisfying, as you know you’ve put in a lot of effort over time. Failures allow us to build our passion for what we do.


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