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5 Reasons Not to Set a New Year's Resolution

New Years is an exciting time of year because people often think they can get a fresh start at life. Often this fresh start is manifested through a New Years resolution. Today we are here to argue why setting New Years resolutions are a horrible idea. In the future we may argue the exact opposite. These posts are not meant to discourage you but rather to make you think.


1. Change only happens when you are ready for it

The theory of change states that it must come from within. Until the desire for change comes from within, ambivalence will exist. Meaning you will resist making the lifestyle changes needed to ensure weight-loss.

2. Data shows most people don’t stick to them

Studies show more than 75% of people quit their resolution within 30 days.  Only 8% of people who make resolutions stick to them. This leads people to feelings of frustration and defeat. Both are horrible feelings to have. In summery the numbers are simply not in your favor.

3. It becomes an excuse to delay change

Many people wait till the new year to make lifestyle changes. This is a waste of time seeing as most people quit their New Years resolution within 30 days of setting it. What is the point of delaying something your body needs now? Especially because falling for the hype and embracing change only on January 1st is statistically proven to likely fail.

4. It can make the process feel rushed

The resolution concept makes the weight-loss journey turn into a sprint rather than the marathon we all know it’s meant to be. Rushing results does nothing but cause anxiety and stress. It’s better to start your journey when you are truly ready and then stick to it for the long run.

5. Marketers capitalize on this information

Have you ever stopped to think why this tradition has stuck around for so long? It is a direct result of capitalism. Corporations have the same statistics we have shared with you about resolutions. They all know you will likely ditch your resolution and they take advantage of this by offering irresistible deals. However, companies do not refund people once they quit their resolution. Keep all this in mind. Even with us.

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