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5 Things You Will Hear When Doing Any Diet

1. “Here we go again…”

When it comes to weight-management society holds peoples’ pasts against them. Meaning people say things like, “Didn’t you fail at your weight-loss goal last time?” Or, “You’re seriously doing ANOTHER diet?” Sometimes these same people even speak behind your back saying “Let’s see how long this one lasts.” These individuals can range from internet strangers to your most close loved ones. Understand they do not know how hurtful and discouraging they are, so educate them. If that doesn’t work, distance yourself from them until you reach your health goals.

2. “She thinks she is better than us.”

This usually comes from friends and family. Oftentimes people we used to make poor choices with see us grow and they resent it. They feel as if they are being forgotten or left behind. This mindset is toxic because it does not foster a culture of growth and collaboration. Rather it creates an over competitive relationship. It makes friends and family compare their health habits and can cause bitterness. That’s why you should never push your diet or health habits on others. Rather inspire them through your own healthy actions and answer their questions if and only if they ask them.

3. “You just need to exercise.”

People who say this mean well but are coming from a place of ignorance. While exercise is one of the most important things in life, some people need other prescriptions for their weight-loss. This can be medications, meal replacements, therapy, support groups, or surgery. The point is you need to know your options and that for a lot of people exercise alone is not enough to get their health on track.

4. “One plate won’t kill you.”

Many people hear this from their family members. This is tough because they love you the most and as adults you may not see them every day. This is another time where you must understand that your family members or loved ones do not know your immediate weight-loss goal. Which is to stay in ketosis, or a fat burning mode. While one plate of carbs or sugar may not kill you, it will take you out of ketosis. That means you will have to start the diet program all over again. You do not want to do that, do you?

5. “You’re not even fat.”

There is a lot of weight-bias behind this statement. The crazy part is 9/10 the person saying this has good intentions. These people only know the aesthetic aspect of Obesity. They only know it as a disease that affects the way people look. They do not understand the health implications and countless other diagnoses paired with Obesity. It is our job to educate them on concepts like visceral fat which is not always visible. It is still super important though because high visceral fat levels lead to numerous disease states. Anyways forgive these people and inform them that you just want to live a long and healthy life.

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