5 Tips for Staying Sober on New Years

1. Communicate your intentions ahead of time

It’s best to tell your friends and family ahead of time that you won’t be drinking. Doing so will make them less likely to pressure you to drink during the party. It’s also important to tell them why you are not drinking. If you’re on the Mindful Living protocol you can say “My Doctor told me it was dangerous to drink on the protocol and even made me sign a contract.” If you have alternative reasons to put down the alcohol, it's best to communicate them in a transparent manner. People respect honesty more than anything else.

2. Always hold a glass of water

If you keep a glass of water in your hand, people will be less likely to offer you alcohol. They will see that you already have a drink in your hand and will not feel obligated to get you another one.

3. Walk away if you feel temptations

If this is your first New Year’s without drinking, remember temptations are normal. Everyone gets them and they never go away. No matter how long it’s been since your last drink, you will desire a sip sometimes. So, remember, just because you want to do something doesn’t mean you have to do i