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5 Tips to Stay Active During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and many dieters may find themselves struggling to remain on their weight loss journey while still being able to relax in the holiday season. It’s important to understand that you can most definitely have the best of both worlds. There are many ways that you can get your quality time with your family in, without having the guilt of not staying as active as you should be. Here are a few hacks that you can consider implementing this holiday season:


1. Organize an activity for the whole family

Thanksgiving is supposed to be filled with bonding time for the family, so why not accomplish this by organizing a fun event for the whole family? Look into planning an active game such as football, soccer, freeze tag, or anything else that may interest you. Games like these are a great way to not only stay moving during the holidays but to also have a fun time.

2. Join a Thanksgiving Day Parade

Parades during the holiday season are not uncommon; It’s very likely that there may be a parade scheduled in a city near you! Take some time out to see how you can join one of these parades. It’s a great way to spend quality time with both the family and the community while getting in a sufficient amount of steps in for the day.

3. Encourage the family to help with post-dinner clean up

While this may not seem like much, washing dishes, wiping down tables, and reorganizing furniture after thanksgiving dinner can help burn a significant amount of calories. Make sure to get up and help the host clean up after dinner, and be sure to encourage others to do so as well. Not only will you be staying active, but you can also help make your hosts life a lot easier.

4. Go out for Black Friday

Black Friday is often a highlight for many during thanksgiving. If shopping is right up your alley, try to plan a trip to your favorite stores with your family. The Black Friday shopping experience usually involves walking around stores for a good amount of time; This can greatly increase your overall activity for the day. Plus, you’ll also get some great discounts!

5. Family Walks

If Black Friday shopping isn’t part of what you consider an ideal thanksgiving break, then maybe look towards planning something a little bit more relaxing like a family walk. Post dinner walks are a great way to help your stomach settle after a large Thanksgiving feast. Taking time out in the evening to walk around the neighborhood can also set aside time for you to catch up with your family.

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