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5 Ways to Avoid Coronavirus

Currently, many are concerned about staying as healthy as possible, especially due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. There are many little things you can do throughout your day that will help maximize your chances of staying healthy. It can be easy to forget about these tactics, so a quick reminder can help you get back on track for living mindful.



1. Wash your hands regularly

Washing our hands isn’t always the first thing on our mind when we’re out for the day. We naturally are only really used to doing so when we go to the bathroom. Make a habit to wash your hands before eating as well, because any germs you may have touched throughout the day would otherwise have direct access to your body through your mouth. Also, try washing your hands after greeting people, as handshaking is an easy way to transmit germs

2. Avoid touching your face

Like mentioned earlier, your mouth is direct path for germs to enter your body, and so are your eyes and nose. Avoid touching your face as best as possible, because you never know what germs you may be carrying on your hands. If this isn’t possible, at least wait to do so until you’ve washed your hands.

3. Eat healthy

Making the right choices for your diet can have great effects on your immune system. Putting in the effort to build up your immune system through eating fresh produce, for example, can help get your body ready for any attacks on the immune system.

4. Avoid sharing food with others

It’s easy to contract germs when you’re sharing items that other people have eaten from or drunk from. Avoid communal snacks, and rather have your own meals.

5. Do your own research

It’s important you educate yourself on the symptoms of the Coronavirus. Learn what it looks like, so you can recognize it in yourself, or others. The more educated you are, the easier it will be to help you and your loved ones.


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