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5 Weight-loss Tips to Survive Halloween


1. Keep extra protein bars close

Everyone is going to offer you treats all night long. If you already have a sweet protein bar in your hand, you won’t need any candy.

2. Keep a water in your hand

If you are partying this “Halloweekend” its best you keep water in your hand. If you have water handy you will be less likely to drink alcohol at any party.

3. Drive to the party

Let your friends have fun this Halloween. Take a rest and be the designated driver. It will ensure you stay sober during any celebrations.

4. Understand giving

If you’re staying at home serving trick or treaters, please understand giving. You bought candy to give to kids. Not to binge on! Be in the spirit of giving without taking for yourself.

5. Reach out for help.

You are not alone. Contact your coach and talk to your community about your cravings. It’s better to be open. Especially if you have a supportive network.

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