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6 Healthy Super Bowl LIV Snacks

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Super Bowl Sunday is notorious for being a heavy snacking day. For this years super bowl, try preparing these healthy snack alternatives for your viewing party. You’ll still be able to enjoy delicious foods, without feeling the guilt of straying from your diet!

1. Sesame-Soy Nut and Pretzel Trail Mix

(Credit to CookingLight)

Trail mix is always a favorite, but can contain a lot of unnecessary calories. Try making this healthy alternative that will taste just as great as the original, but contains a bunch of great nutrients!

“Our healthier version gives you all the salt, crunch, and bold spices of the original with the addition of whole-grain popcorn, toasty whole-wheat cereal, and spicy wasabi peas. The peas inspired an Asian track with toasty sesame oil and reduced-sodium soy sauce, cashews, and pungent ground ginger.” - CookingLight

2. Mini Guacamole Bowls

Nachos are always a hit at parties. Guacamole mini cups are a wonderful alternative to the cheesy high calorie snack however. Here’s an easy recipe on how to make them -

3. Cool Ranch Kale Dip

Try making this delicious dip that features kale, labneh and buttermilk. It will go wonderfully with some celery.

4. Baked Parmesan Zucchini

These baked parmesan zucchini slices are a superb way to get your guests to pick veggies over unhealthy fried foods!

5. Baked Brown Sugar Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a must have at a viewing party. Here’s a great way to prepare wings that won’t compromise your diet.

6. Cauliflower Breadsticks

These cauliflower breadsticks help calm those cheesy cravings. Prepare these breadsticks with ease by following this recipe.

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