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6 Red Flags to Watch Out for in Your Next Weight-loss Program

Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies in the weight-loss world that are willing to exploit unknowing customers for personal gain and profit. It’s important to be aware of this in order to ensure that you’re not getting into useless or even sometimes dangerous weight loss programs. There are some red flags that you can look out for when considering starting a new weight loss plan. We’ve highlighted 6 of them for you here:


1. Programs that promise a quick weight loss process

Promises for immediate weight loss are quite misleading. Losing weight quickly is usually from losing water weight. We want weight-loss to be from body fat. Burning body fat takes time. It does not happen overnight.

2. Diets that completely restrict certain food groups

One major part of a healthy weight loss program is the inclusion of multiple food groups to ensure that patients are getting all their nutrients in. While some credible programs may limit a few groups, you should be weary of programs that completely cut out food groups. This method may cause weight loss but can cause malnourishment as a negative side effect.

3. Questionable “scientific evidence”

When researching a program, make sure to take note of any evidence they may present. If there seem to be no sources or poor sources backing up their claims, they may not be the best option for you. False actors are also an indicator of made-up success from the program. Look for authentic facts and experiences.

4. Exercise is not mentioned or said to be unnecessary

While some weight loss programs may limit exercise in some of their phases of dieting, no healthy program cuts out exercise completely. Regular movement should be advocated in whatever program you are looking into because it promotes a healthy lifestyle. Also working out is quite vital in the weight loss journey, so claiming that it is not needed in a plan is extremely misleading .

5. Claims of having a “miracle weight loss product”

A major fad nowadays is the use of “weight loss enabling products.” This includes but is not limited to items such as diet teas, weight loss creams, or even patches. There is currently no such thing as a product that will magically induce weight loss without any effort on your part. Even if some of these products do produce quick weight loss, they often time do so through a very unhealthy method. For example, many weight loss products in the market act as a laxative to flush your digestive system. This can cause you to lose important nutrients along with the pounds.

6. Claims of quick and permanent weight loss

A weight loss journey is a continuous one. There is no way that you can implement change for a short period of time, return to old bad habits, and remain healthy. Look for a weight loss program that will teach you a new way of living. Those types of programs will set you up for success in the long term.

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