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6 Things to Avoid After Overeating

1. Feeling guilty

Guilt accomplishes nothing but makes you feel bad. Rather than feeling guilty seek some external support. Talk to a coach or support group about your choices and thought process. Accept what has already been done and move forward. Feeling guilty often becomes a barrier to participating in healthy habits.

2. Going extreme

There is no need for you to do anything extreme after you over eat. Kindly reject any friend or “expert” who encourages you to partake in extreme activities. You do not need to run a marathon or go on a juice cleanse just because you overate.

3. Starving yourself

This is one of the worst things you can do after over eating. If you starve yourself, you will eventually get super hungry again. This feeling of intense hunger can lead you to over eat again. Doing so can cause you to enter a very unhealthy eating pattern.

4. Beating yourself up

Beating yourself up is the same as taking guilt and using it as a weapon to inflict pain on yourself. Rather than being harsh on yourself, its best you develop a constructive attitude. Forgive yourself for over eating and create a game plan to get back on protocol.

5. Doing hours of cardio

Exercise should never be a punishment. Please do not do extreme workouts because you over ate. We do not want you to feel obliged to work out based off how much you eat. Rather we want you to exercise because its healthy and something you enjoy.

6. Giving up on your self

Please remember that a set back is a set up for a comeback. Just because you overate once, does not mean you should throw your goals out the window. Rather than quitting we challenge you to stay positive and make the necessary adjustments. Remember the discomfort you feel now is temporary, but quitting lasts forever. Just keep going.

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