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6 Ways to Get Healthy With Your Valentine

1. Cook together

Most people think of date night as an opportunity to eat out at a fancy restaurant and then maybe go to the movies or something. If you want to get healthy with your significant other, we recommend redefining ‘date night.’ Rather than spending extra money and going out to eat, spend quality time together by staying in and cooking fresh food. Grab a recipe you both like from our website and work together to cook it. Not only will you have fun making it, but you will also be eating mindful. After you're done your meal flip a coin and the loser must clean the kitchen!

2. Go on long walks together

Another great activity you can do with your lover is taking long walks together. Walking is a great form of cardio and is a lot more fun with someone special. Catch up with each other over a nice long walk as opposed to simply sitting and talking. Make walking together a habit and your relationship will never be the same.

3. Dance together

The more you master dancing together, the more chemistry your relationship will have. Dancing is more than just a way to get intimate with your partner. It’s also a way to get a great workout in together. If you two already know a common dance, practice it at least once a week. If not, then you all must choose a style and attend dance classes together.

4. Have friendly competitions

If you and your partner are competitive people, this is a great way to get healthy together. Create a competition such as “Who can walk more?” or “Who can drink more water?” and establish a prize for the winner along with an end day. Keep the competition light so you both have fun and nobodies' feelings get hurt.

5. Join a gym together

If you join a gym and start exercising together, your relationship will evolve to new levels. Stretching, doing cardio, and lifting weights together is an excellent way to spend time together. Working out helps with both physical and mental health. Going on the fitness journey with your significant other will make you closer than ever.

6. Hold each other accountable

The couples who hold each other accountable in life tend to live the best lives. Let your valentine be your accountability partner and watch your life transform. They will keep you on track with your goals and will help you avoid excuses.

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