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6 Ways To Stay Healthy This Weekend

1. Go to the mall

We know that it is still freezing outside in most of America. So walking outside can be hard. Don’t let this be your excuse for lack of movement. Get your walking shoes on, get your best friend, and walk laps around the mall. Its great exercise and gets you out of the cold.

2. Cook together

The weekend is a rare occasion where you have extra time in your life. We suggest you spend this rare time with your family and cook together. Not only will you make healthy delicious meals, you will also enjoy the process. So get together, look up a delicious keto friendly recipe like this one and get cooking!

3. Walk your dog

While we know everyone doesn’t have a dog, this tip is for the people that do. Take your “Good Boiii” or “Good Gurrrrrl” out for a long walk. We understand that its cold out there. So layer up! Do it for your puppy and you will start seeing the weight-loss results that you want to see.

4. Attend a free health seminar

We have free health and weight-loss seminars twice a month. These events take place every other Saturday. Attending these events will teach you the principles behind safe predictable weight loss. Click here if you would like to see our upcoming seminar schedule.

5. Take an exercise class

Even though we limit exercise to low intensity actions during the beginning of this protocol, there are still numerous classes you can attend. Yoga is a great example of a safe class great for people looking to lose weight. We recommend you should be able to talk to another person during any exercise you while in phase one. If this isn’t possible, that means the exercise is too intense

6. Attend a Torch Ruck event

Torch Ruck is a community club that throws events twice a month. These events are a place for people to socialize and walk together. Attendees are encouraged to wear a “ruck” or backpack during these walks. The intensity and distance of these walks can vary. Some “rucks” are even pet friendly. The “rucks” are led by police officers and military personnel ensuring optimal safety. They take place every other weekend. Click here to RSVP to the Torch Ruck event happening this Sunday 3/3.

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