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6 Ways to Stay Keto on July 4th

1. Make Lettuce Wraps your new best friend!

Let everyone else eat their classic cheeseburgers with “Whole Wheat” buns or whatever! You eat your burger in a lettuce wrap! It does the job of holding everything together and does not have too many net carbs.

2. Drink Protein Soda instead of regular cola or beer

Let’s be brutally honest. Your peers are likely going to tempt you with sugar filled beer and alcohol this holiday. Kindly turn them down and make yourself Protein Soda instead. All it takes is one HealthWise protein shot mixed with 12 ounces of your favorite zero sugar flavored sparkling water. Keep in mind we have 4 flavors of protein shots and there are endless flavors of sparkling water. Experiment a bit and you will find your favorite refreshing soda that has 15 grams of protein and less than 1 net carb.

3. Bring your own appetizers/sides

Eating a lettuce wrap is the first step. What are you going to do when they pull out the Doritos or Lays Potato Chips? Sides matter... You better be equipped with your own protein chips which you can enjoy with your burger.

4. Offer to be the designated driver

If you know your friends and family are going to pressure you to drink you can always get out of it by offering to be the designated driver. Not only will you be doing them a favor, but you will be staying away from alcohol and sticking to your health plan.

5. Communicate your health goals with the BBQ host

Let the host know ahead of time that you are on the Mindful Living Protocol. If you are close you can even ask to bring healthy options for everybody. If you do not know the host very well then just bring supplies for yourself. The point is the you should inform the host ahead of time that you will be bringing your own food.

6. Avoid Potato’s and Breads at all costs!

By this point we should not have to tell you why! Bread and potatoes will knock you out of ketosis. Eating bread will make you have to start over. Do not make yourself go through the ‘keto flu’ again. You have worked hard to get your metabolism in a fat burning mode. Keep it that way!

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