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7 Reasons Your Business Needs a BCA Scale

As a fellow business owner I know we always have to find ways to innovate. So what do a gym, a barbershop, and a pharmacy all have in common? They all depend on bringing customers in to stay in business. So how does once bring in customers? The answer is simple. When you focus on providing value, customers will be drawn towards you. So what in the world does this have to do with a Body Composition Analysis scale?

1. Obesity Prevalence

It is no secret that Obesity is one of the biggest problems of our generation. One in every 3 Americans is either overweight or obese. So what is your business doing to serve this population? With an ILIVEMINDFUL scale you will be bringing people self-awareness about their disease state. Such immense value given to your customers for free will set you apart from your competition.

2. Everybody is looking for a solution in January

In business timing is everything. We all know that during the month of January everybody is going to be obsessed with getting fit. All your customers care going to be making New Year’s resolutions and setting goals to get healthy. Your business could provide the tools needed to help your customers track their progress.

3. Unique competitive advantage

Most businesses in your industry do not have a Body Composition Analysis scale. The reason we know this is because the weight-loss industry has preserved this service for the elite. Until now only the wealthy could know their body composition. But with your business partnering with, anybody and everybody can get their Body Composition Analysis done.

4. Experts running social media campaigns to promote your business

Being a small business owner is hard. You are wearing a million hats, I get it. So why not share some of the responsibility. By keeping a scale in your business you get a complimentary listing on An expert team with multiple years of digital marketing experience will run targeted ads on your listing. Meaning someone will pay Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter to tell people in your target audience that you carry a scale and are offering free weigh-ins.

5. You will have a tech savvy image

As much as we hate to admit it, image matters. Especially in business. And lets face it, technology is sexy. Well anyways the ILIVEMINDFUL ecosystem will surely wow your customers. The body composition analysis scales sync with the user friendly ILIVEMINDFUL mobile application. Meaning your customers can take their results home with them on their smart phone. This entire ecosystem is cutting edge. And offering it for free to people will put your business on a different playing field.

6. People will come back to track their progress

The ILIVEMINDFUL app and scale is addicting. Customers will constantly return to your business because to weigh in. Each time they come back is an opportunity for them to convert to paying customers.

7. Affordable and sustainable

Each Scale is super affordable and lasts two to three years. Keep in mind this initiative is just getting started. By partnering with us early you will get first movers advantage. As an early adopter you will experience a high demand for weigh-ins paired with a low existing supply of them. Such economic dynamics will bring immense traffic to your business. Oh and by the way, we offer our business partners a lifetime warranty on the scales. Click here if you would like to learn how to partner with us.

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