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7 Things To Look For In A Weight-loss Coach

Losing weight is never a journey you want to take alone. We recommend you find a health coach to work with. It is important that this coach has credibility and that you get along with them. Now before picking a health coach, we recommend you make sure he or she:

1. Listens to you

It is important that your coach knows where you are coming from. If he or she doesn’t listen to you then how will they have the context they need to help you. Since everybody is different, coaches need to personalize treatment plans. The only way this can be done is through listening.

2. Doesn’t judge you

You coach is there to help you change your life. They are meant to be along side you the entire journey. Through the ups and downs, your coach is your support system. They must come from a judgment free zone as they help you transform your health. Giving up judgment leads to developing immense trust. People feel they can be vulnerable around their coach and get help when they are not being judged.

3. Empowers you

The point of a coach is to help you become the best version of you. Coaches are supposed to help you take action through positive reinforcement and encouragement. Coaches can also empower patients by recognizing them and giving them opportunities to express themselves. There is a lot of power is giving patients a platform to share their story. It leads to empowerment and accountability.

4. Is patient with you

Sustainable weight-loss does not happen overnight. Neither does behavior change. It takes time. Your coach should be ready for this. Your coach should understand that you are making a big shift in your life. Both the mind and body need time to adjust. Don’t work with a coach that is rushing the process.

5. Is persistent with you

Losing weight is one of the most difficult things you will ever do. There will be times you want to quit. There will be times when you want to cry and that you hate your coach. It is important however to have a support system that helps you during these times. It is also important to have a coach that does not quit on you during these tough times.

6. Sets goals with you

If your coach isn’t helping you set SMART goals for yourself then you are wasting your time. The key is that you are setting these goals for yourself. These are YOUR goals. Meaning you set them, so you have ownership over them. Experience has shown us that when people have ownership over their goals, they are more likely to stick to them.

7. Cares about you

This is the most important. If you feel that your coach does not care for you, RUN!!! You are trusting your coach with your well being. It is important that they care for you. Do your best to work with a coach that values you as an individual and not just a number. Coaches that make and effort to get to know and care for their patients understand

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