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7 Ways to Deal With Stress

Stress is something that we all have to inevitably deal with in our lives. More often than not, we even experience stress daily. While stress is a normal occurrence, its vital that we manage it in the correct way. Not doing so can significantly hinder day-to-day functioning and can block one from achieving wellbeing. We have laid out some simple tips and tricks that you can utilize to help you ease your daily stressors. It is important to note, however, that there are some situations where professional help is required for stress management. This is usually due to prolonged stress and/or mental health disorders. If you believe that you are having a difficult time managing stress on your own, don’t hesitate to reach out to a trusted health care professional to get the aid you need.


1. Start exercising

Multiple studies have shown that staying active can push the body to release mood-boosting hormones. Working out also lowers your cortisol levels, which are your body’s stress hormones.

2. Cut down on your caffeine

Caffeine may help you wake up for the day, but it can also have unintended negative effects on your health. High doses of caffeine have actually shown to increase levels of anxiety. It may be better for you to take your cups of coffee and tea in moderation, limit yourself to only one or maybe two cups a day.

3. Spend time with loved ones

Having a support system can drastically ease stress. Being able to feel heard and valid is a great way to get better control of your stress. You can use those close to you to either talk through any issues you may be experiencing, or to even just relax with.

4. Keep a journal

Having a place to write down any stressors that may arise in your day is a great way to get rid of some stress. You can also get in the habit of jotting down things that you are grateful for in your day, it can help you keep a positive mindset. Your journal can be anything from a physical notebook to your notes app on your phone.

5. Avoid procrastination

Nothing will stress you out more than soon-to-come deadlines. Learn to manage your time wisely, so that so you won’t be rushing to complete tasks last minute. Try to develop a habit of tracking your time and jotting down to-do lists to combat this issue.

6. Breathing exercises

If you ever find yourself in a high-stress situation, take a moment to think and breathe. Changing your breathing patterns can help your body relax and calm down. Practice breathing exercises while you aren’t in a stressful situation in order to prepare for later

7. Set priorities

If you know you won’t be able to handle multiple things on your plate, learn to say no to adding new things to your schedule. Learn to set priorities on what you should be accomplishing throughout the day, and don’t get caught up in more than you can handle. This can ultimately decrease your stressors by a lot.


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