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7 Ways to Help Conquer the Coronavirus

1. Stay home

The most heroic thing you can do right now is staying home. Many people who get the coronavirus remain asymptomatic. Meaning they do not experience any symptoms but are actively carrying the virus and infecting other people. By staying home, you reduce the risk of exposing the most vulnerable population to the coronavirus.

2. Be a friend

Many people, especially the sick and the elderly, are in lockdown. Meaning they cannot leave the hospital or place of residence. As you can imagine this can become an extremely lonely situation. If you want to help, broadcast yourself to be available as a friend or person to talk to. You would be surprised at the depth of friendship which can be developed over the phone, video chat, email, or text.

3. Volunteer

The world needs selfless people more than ever now. One way you can volunteer is by offering to pick up the elderly and immunocompromised groceries. A small act of kindness could elongate their lives by years if not decades.

4. Teach an online class

Kids are home from school right now. They are super bored and eating their parents heads off. Do some self-inventory on your personal skill set and think about what you can teach these kids online. Is it music? Drawing? Exercise? Or something even cooler?

5. Follow the rules

Rules are created for a reason. They are meant to protect us. The first one is keeping a social distance of 6 feet apart from any individual. Another rule is not having more than 10 people together at any single gathering. The state of Maryland has ordered restaurants to only serve their food via take out and delivery. The state has also ordered all gyms to shut down. It is important businesses abide by these rules in order to protect the public. Different states have different rules, and more are always being enforced. Don’t only blindly follow the rules currently in place but always keep a look out for new ones.

6. Wash your hands

This seems simple making it super easy to overlook. Wash your hands as often as possible. Be sure to do so for at least 20 seconds each time using both soap and water. If you are out buying groceries or running an essential errand be sure to take hand sanitizer with you. Washing your hands is the most promising way to prevent coronavirus.

7. Donate medical supplies

There is a serious shortage of supplies during this pandemic. Doctors are running out of gowns and resorting to creating their own protective gear. If you have extra gloves, masks, or gowns be sure to donate them to the medical community.

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