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7 Ways To Stay Motivated While Pursuing Your Goals

1. Get On Youtube

This is a website full of all types of content. Depending on what you search it can either inspire you to focus and take action or completely distract you. All you got to do is type in motivation and you will find videos intended to inspire you. My favorite speakers to listen to when I am seeking motivation are Eric Thomas and Gary Vaynerchuck.

2. Get On Instagtam

Instagram is a great place to get inspiration. If you have a goal that exists in the physical dimension, chances are someone on Instagram has achieved it. Search up your goal on Instagram and understand that it is just as possible for you as it is any body else. Use Instagram as a tool to help you visualize and manifest your goals.

3. Meet an inspiring friend

Everyone has a particular friend that inspires them a bit. If you have a friend that is a self proclaimed fitness freak, hang out with them to get inspired to get in shape. Are you looking to get better at food journaling? If you have another friend that is really adamant about food journaling, hang out with them. Let their habits rub off on you.

4. Read an inspiring book

There is no shortage of self help books on the shelves. Expose yourself to inspiring books and watch your life transform. These books will stretch your mind to think with a new mindset. Audio books are a great way to consume the books too, so you can even listen while driving.

5. Exercise

Sometimes getting moving is the secret behind motivation. That is why all of the top performing business people get some form of exercise done in the morning before they start their work day. They say exercise helps both focus and motivation. It also releases endorphins that makes the body feel good. If you feel good, you will perform well.

6. Take a road trip

A change of scenery is often all that is needed to gain some motivation. After all we are a product of our environment. Sometimes staying in the same environment for too long can cause people to lose motivation. That is why it is important to travel to new cities once every 90 days at least.

7. Visualize your desired future

As mentioned earlier visualization can be used as a tool to manifest out goals. It is also a tool to help us focus on our goals. When people focus on their goals they get inspired to achieve them. So, take ten minutes out of your day and visualize yourself having already accomplished your goal. Embrace the feelings of success you will feel when you accomplish your goal. If your mind can conceive it, it can achieve it.

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