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8 Tips for Eating Mindful

1. Only eat at the dinner table

Only allowing yourself to eat at the dinner table ensures you pay attention to what you put in your mouth! Following this principle will decrease the chance of mindless and irresponsible snacking around the house.

2. Take a few deep breaths first

Sometimes people get too excited when they see their favorite foods. Rather than letting emotion dictate your portion sizes, take a few deep breaths to relax. Doing so could put you in the mindset needed to eat healthy.

3. Eat without distractions

Put the screens away! No phones, computers, tablets, or televisions. Instead pay attention to what you eat and journal your food. It is impossible to eat mindful while you are distracted.

4. Chew your food fully

It will cause you to pause and slow down while dine. Slowing down is an essential part of eating and living mindful. So chew every bite fully before you swallow. Following these instructions will even lead you to burn more calories the next time you eat.

5. Put your fork down in between bites

Doing so would be another strategy for slowing down the food consumption process. When you eat slower, you give your self more time to enjoy your meal. This could lead to you desiring less food.

6. Check in with yourself.

Ask yourself, “Why am I eating this right now?” It is important you reflect on what is your motivation to eat. Is it for fuel or pleasure? Are you alone or with other people? The easiest way to check in with your self is by journaling your food. Check this quick post out to see if journaling is right for you.

7. Utilize all your senses

Look at your food deeply, smell it, taste it, enjoy it. Feel the endorphins its causing to rush through your body. As you start to utilize your senses you will eat more mindful.

8. Think about how you want to feel later

Food is meant to be fuel. If you do not put the right fuel in your body, it will haunt you. The same thing goes for putting in too much fuel or over indulgence. While you may enjoy indulging in the current moment, that doesn’t mean you will feel good later. In fact, you may end up feeling horrible after. For that reason, we must remain mindful of future feelings.

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