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Do Delivery Companies Really Care?

Doordash, Uber Eats, Postmates, and Grubhub are all becoming household names during the Covid-19 pandemic. All 4 of these companies provide a food delivery service which can be ordered through a smart phone. They all have a community of drivers who travel across a network of restaurants and deliver food. This is getting especially popular since most of the country is under stay at home orders by their state government. Such orders usually mean that dine in restaurants are closed. Making delivery the only possible way of eating out.


The delivery companies know it’s their time to shine and often portray themselves as saviors of the restaurant industry. Some are even waiving certain delivery fees to make ordering in more practical. Their advertising campaigns suggest they have a moral obligation to help save local restaurants.

They even have made themselves look health conscience by offering contactless delivery. Meaning rather than a delivery person handing you your food, they leave it at your doorstep. They think doing so will minimize spread of Covid-19.

While these company’s intent seems great, they do not actually care about your health. They enable you to eat sugar coated meats, and other heavy simple carbs. They hardly give any nutritional information on the food they deliver. If they really cared about your health, they would only deliver healthy food.

Delivery companies mean well and are taking the correct safety measures. All their advertisements and promotions are centered around Covid-19 messages. However please do not be mistaken into thinking they are health conscious. If you want to be healthy the best thing you can do is cook your own food and eat at home. For healthy homemade recipe ideas click here.

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