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How Our Food Choices Affect Our Children?

Kids watch our every action. While we wish they would do what we say, they always end up doing what we do. They emulate us and eventually turn into us. So if we have poor eating habits, our kids will as well. After all children normally depend on their parents for food. We become what we eat. Our kids eat what we eat. Therefore our kids become what we eat. Once you understand this fundamental truth you will get the impact that your food choices have on your little one. When you understand this concept, you will have a reason or a “why” to lose weight. Our “why” is what motivates us to continue our journey even when the path gets rough. It provides the inspiration needed to persevere through difficult times. And let’s be clear, there WILL be difficult times! This is not going to be easy. Keep in mind that this is an industry of false promises. Any weight-loss company that makes this process seem easy is lying to you! While the process is not easy, it is certainly duplicatable. If it can work for other people, it can work for you. The reason we can duplicate the process is because we have broken weight-loss down to a science. Its important to note that the key thing however is maintaining muscle mass. We want fat to be burned while preserving as much lean muscle mass as we can. The way we preserve lean mass is buy eating protein. Each of our bodies our different, so we need different amounts of protein. By getting on a Body Composition Analysis (BCA) scale we can tell you exactly how much protein you need to eat a day in order to preserve your lean mass. So with all that being said how can you get on a BCA scale? We have a few right here in Clarksburg. Click here if you would like to schedule a free BCA weight in.

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