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How Does Living Alone Effect Weight-loss?

Independence is a key characteristic that we all should develop at one point in our lives. Living alone is one way many people take their first step towards independence. Living alone requires numerous responsibilities. Being at a healthy weight is one of them and is full of hard work. While the gym is important, most of weight-loss occurs in the kitchen. Weight-loss alone is already tough, especially when living alone.

Living by yourself can make it difficult to make the right choices. For example, when living alone, no one is there to stop you from grabbing that unnecessary snack . No one is there to make sure that you stick to your workout schedule. Nobody is in place to yell at you for eating out. All of these are examples of the power of accountability. Sometimes a major advantage of living with someone else is that you have an accountability system. This system provides structure to hold people accountable for their health goals.

Accountability systems can go both ways though. Meaning the same way your house mates can be a positive influence, they can also be a negative one as well. They can lead us to participate in the same unhealthy habits as them. If your housemates are drinking beer and eating pizza every day, it’s likely for you to follow them. People often hold others hostage through promoting unhealthy habits. Therefore, living alone can be liberating. By living alone, you have total control of your groceries and how you prepare your meals. There are no more people to blame or excuses to make. You can manage your caloric intake and track your diet. Additionally, the freedom from anyone else’s schedule is nice because you are enabled to create plans that work for you.

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