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Is it Possible to Out-Exercise a Poor Diet?

One of the most controversial statements thought after an intense workout is, “now I have the license to eat!” Under certain circumstances if an individual follows this thought process, their weight-loss progress can be in grave danger. Just because someone works out, does not mean that they have the right to eat junk food.

We understand that often times an intense workout leaves people with feelings of hunger. This hunger is a natural phenomenon. It’s the body’s way of signaling to the brain that it needs food to replenish the energy it burnt during the workout. For the sake of Mindful Living it’s important folks replenish their energy with healthy clean food. Meaning they should either reach for a protein packed meal replacement after exercising or cook something healthy and delicious themselves.

The best meals to cook involve lean meat and vegetables. This makes sure the body gets both protein and complex carbs post workout. You may find yourself wanting more food than usual as a result of your workout. As long as you make healthy decisions, grabbing a second plate is okay.

Just don’t reach for low quality processed food or items full of sugar. While it is true that exercising causes the body to desire more calories, that does not mean one should indulge in poor choices. Staying discipline and eating mindful regardless of exercise intensity is always the best option.

If you want to eat simple carbs (bread, rice, grains, etc) do so an hour to 30 minutes before your exercise. This will give you an energy source to burn during your workout. It’s important your exercise routine be intense and at least an hour long if you are going to be having simple carbohydrates beforehand. People in phase 1 of the Mindful Living journey are better off not having any simple carbohydrates at all. Especially since their exercise is limited to no muscle breaking workouts.

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