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Is the Body Positive Movement Contributing to Obesity?

Fat shaming has been a huge problem in America, and as a result many have resorted to joining the body positivity movement. While we all can agree that loving ourselves and being content with the way we feel is important, how do we know how much self-love is too much self-love? Whenever it comes down to our health, we should never ignore the problem. Often the risks of obesity go ignored when it comes to being body positive. Those who underestimate their weight are already 85% less likely to attempt to lose weight, even when they desperately need to. Spreading the idea that “how much you weigh is not a problem” may be causing more harm than good. Yes, how much you weigh should not define how much you respect yourself. However, being overweight will result in negative effects on one’s health. Rather than shaming someone for being overweight or telling them their weight doesn’t matter, we should help guide them to better health. No amount of body positivity can overcome the health risks that are associated with the disease of obesity.

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