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Losing Weight vs. Keeping It Off

Losing weight is a result of multiple decisions made in the kitchen. The choices we make in the kitchen determine our body fat levels. By modifying our diet we can put our bodies in a caloric deficit and lose weight. Eating healthy helps us lose weight, but exercising helps us keep the weight off.

Research has shown patients who adopt exercise into their life are a lot more likely to sustain their weight-loss results. Exercise helps people keep the weight off. It helps us keep our body in a caloric deficit. However it’s important to take baby steps when exercising. Rome wasn't built overnight. Your dream body is no different. Take baby steps everyday to get stronger. Slow and steady wins the race.

The more we exercise, the more energy we use. If this energy is not replenished, we burn calories. It is important our body remains nourished during such a caloric deficit. We must provide the body with adequate protein, complex carbs, and fats to stay healthy.

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