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Memes and Obesity: The Truth about Fat Jokes

Memes and weight-loss. It's an interesting topic. The OAC does not want anything to do with stigmatizing people. They believe words matter and often dictate our reality. Language and efficient communication often lead to new beginnings. When such communication is paired with adequate imagery and sufficient irony it becomes art work. Some people call this art memes, others call them NFTs. Regardless they are important because they evoke emotion.

Emotion is a form of energy which can be brought into motion through comedy and irony. Fat jokes are risky. Especially when coming from people we love. The reason they are risky is because Obesity is not a joke. It’s a disease affecting hundreds of millions of people. 8% of deaths in 2017 can be attributed to Obesity.

Obesity is a medical disease which Doctors agreed to diagnose people with in 2012. It is defined by a Body Mass Index over 30. The disease has a ton of co-morbidities. The main ones are associated with Metabolic Syndrome.

When production companies like Saturday Night Live and ABC make fun of Obesity, they are also making fun of people with high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. All of these diseases fall under metabolic syndrome and are tied together with the common thread known as Obesity.

According to the statistics more people die from Obesity every year than do from coronavirus. The disease of Obesity also makes people with COVID-19 much more prone to extreme symptoms and death. For this reason the media should be incredibly sensitive when dealing with higher weight individuals. If the media companies want to help such people they should practice being gentle yet direct..

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