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Mini Steps Daily Exercise: For What?

Working out everyday sounds like a big commitment to most. It seems overwhelming and far fetched to the average person. However, through mini steps daily workouts can be accomplished. The trick is not doing too much at any given one time. Rather it is much smarter to just do a little bit everyday.

Someone who is just starting exercise should make it their goal to participate in 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily. This can be any form of movement. Walking is the most common exercise for beginners. The first step is getting the exercise scheduled. It’s important to pick a time and place to walk everyday. This will help eliminate excuses and develop discipline.

Doing it every day teaches the body the connection between exercise and well being. Exercising should be done daily the same way eating is. Following such a mindset leads exercise to be a lifestyle, not just a quick trend. By exercising everyday it is easier to build and sustain habits. Taking days off on the other hand makes it easier to break away from these same habits.

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