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Nonprofit Initiative: ILIVEMINDFUL in Schools

Obesity is a modern day epidemic. We all know how prevalent the disease is. All of us are either directly impacted or know somebody that is directly impacted by it. Its impacts can lead to metabolic syndrome and poor self esteem. It is obvious that obesity is an issue. As a result their weight-loss industry is huge. According to Marketwatch the industry market size is set to be $253 billion by the 2024. The sad part is that majority of weight-loss companies only serve people with money. Less fortunate people are forgotten about which leads their disease state to perpetuate. One large group of people that the weight-loss industry is neglecting is students. Students are usually very bright and motivated but hardly ever have money. Just because they do not have funds, does not mean that students should not be treated for their obesity. The first step to treating obesity is recognizing it. The Mindful Living Institute is helping students recognize obesity by providing Body Composition Analysis (BCA) scales to students for free. These scales tell students their body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and hydration levels. Mindful Living Institute is donating these scales to schools and allowing students to use the ILIVEMINDFUL app for free. The app is a place for students to store their BCA results, journal their food, and log their exercise. By providing students insight on their body composition, students will be more likely to live mindful and eat healthy.

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