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Now You Know: Community and Weight-loss

The people we surround ourselves with have a direct impact on how we act as individuals. I am sure all of us have heard from a parent figure, “You are who you hang out with.” This is the most honest piece of advice a parent can give their children.

Following this advice not only prevents trouble, but can also cause massive amounts of success. If you hang out with negative people who complain all the time, you will do the same. On the other hand if you hang out with wealthy people who love their life, chances are you will follow the same path. Our surroundings and community define us.

It is important to know that this principle is applicable to good health as well. If you hang out with people who are mindful of their carbs, then you will be too. If you spend time with people who exercise on a daily basis, you will start expecting the same of yourself. The people we spend our time with define our expectations of ourselves.

For example if we spend time with someone who is eating fried fast food all the time then we will expect our self to be okay with doing the same thing. We lower our standards to rationalize our actions and those around us. On the other hand, if we are with a group of people who ate baked chicken and steamed vegetables every night, we would want to fit in and copy them. The same way we lower our standards to fit in, we can also raise them to fit in with a different crowd. The key is selecting the right crowd to assimilate to.

If you are a person trying to lose weight, the hardest thing to do is doing it alone. It is important you get plugged into a community. Feel free to join the ILIVEMINDFUL Official Facebook Group. It is full of like minded people who are on the same journey as you. These people are here to support you through the tough lifestyle changes you are making. Understanding and embracing the concept of community makes the Mindful Living protocol much easier to adhere to.

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