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Now You Know: Competition and Weight-loss

In the world of weight-loss competition can either make you or break you. By this I mean there are pro’s and con’s to competing with others on the weight-loss journey. It is important that we weigh these pro’s and con’s before engaging in any sort of health-related competition.

A friendly competition can make all the difference in your results. The key word however is FRIENDLY. It should be light and it should be fun. Competing with friends on the weight-loss journey does not mean comparing results from the scale. Rather it means competing for who can engage in the most healthy habits.

For example, a group could have a water competition. The rules are simple. Whoever drinks the most water wins. And gets bragging rights of course! This friendly competition creates a circle of accountability. As a result, people are drinking water and their hydration levels are rising. This is important because hydration matters.

A movement challenge is another thing that groups could participate in. The winner of this competition is determined by who can take the most steps in a day, a week, or even a month. This is a great competition as it encourages people to get active without engaging in muscle breaking activities.

While the opportunities for competition are endless, its important I mention what to avoid. While you are competing with your peers for bragging rights, the real competition happens with yourself. By this I mean, please do not compare your self to other people. Just be better than you were before. This is your health journey, and it will occur at your pace. Understand that you are an individual and will have unique results at an even more unique pace. Don’t let competition make you feel like you are behind or ahead of anybody. Competition is meant to be friendly and is meant to hold you accountable. That’s it.

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