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Now You Know: Creativity, Effort, and Boredom

Creativity and effort are two of the numerous characteristics needed to be successful on your weight-loss journey. I mean let’s face it. EATING THE SAME THING EVERY DAY GETS BORING!

Eating the same thing daily may get boring, but it keeps your macro nutrients consistent. This means you know exactly how much protein, carbs, and fats you ate because it was the same as all the other days before. While this may work for some people, for many it isn’t sustainable. The reason is people get bored.

To combat this, we suggest you put more thought into your meal prep. If you are motivated and have creative inspiration, the Mindful Living Protocol can be very diverse. So, we encourage you to look up the healthy recipes, buy the ingredients, and get cooking.

Its important to note that there is an abundance of recipes online. However not all the recipes you stumble upon online are permitted during the weight-loss phase of your journey. We recommend you look at the recipe section of our blog. It is full of dozens of Mindful Living recipes. All of them are high in proteins and low in carbs. Once you pick a recipe you like, take the ingredient list to the grocery store. Be sure to pay attention to how many people the recipe you choose serves.

Once you have your ingredients, we suggest you pick a time to cook. We want you to be cooking at the same time daily. So, get your cooking materials and get in the kitchen! We suggest you cook with a friend or partner if you can. It will make the entire process more fun and easier to clean up! After all who likes cleaning the kitchen alone? No but seriously, make Mindful Living a social thing. It is a very healthy subject to bond over.

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